Neck Pain Pillow
Neck Pain Pillow
Neck Pain Pillow
Neck Pain Pillow
Neck Pain Pillow
Neck Pain Pillow
Neck Pain Pillow
Neck Pain Pillow

Neck Pain Pillow

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Neck Pain Pillow (NPP) - is designed to completely match the natural neck spine curvature with its high-low design so that you can confidently rest your neck on it without the fear of the neck spine curve collapsing. You will wake up without neck and shoulder pain the next morning.

【Who need it】
1) Frequent stiff neck during sleep
2) Snoring during sleep
3) Couldn’t find the right pillow
4) Wake up with a stiff neck/shoulder

【How to choose】
If your body height is:
1) above 155cm, please choose the 9.5cm high neck pain pillow; and
2) below 155cm, please choose the 8.5cm high neck pain pillow.

【Sleeping Pattern】
Suitable for both back and side sleeping;
1) When you sleep on the back, the neck pillow supports your neck spine perfectly, and your body is automatically in a relaxed condition and falls asleep easily.
2) If you are a side sleeper lover, then the neck pillow could share the burden of your head and support your neck; it would be even great if you also use a bolster as it can help you to balance your body at the side sleep position.

Height 9.5cm, Width 15.5cm, Length 47cm
Height 8.5cm, Width 12cm, Length 43cm

Made from a high-quality foam that will not collapse under the weight-bearing of the head and neck. No powder formation, odorless and safe to use.

Easy to maintain, just need to clean the outer pillowcase. Sunbathing and washing the pillow foam body are not needed.

【Pillow case】
Free outer pillowcases *2
1) Khaki for 9.5cm high neck pain pillow
2) 1 white + 1 grey for 8.5cm high neck pain pillow

【Estimated lifespan】
6-12 months depending on the usage and weight of the user.

【Inside Package】
a) Neck pillow *1
b) Pillowcase *2

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