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To empower humanity to unlock their complete potential, and liberate themselves from physical constraints and personal limitations, shaping a world where universal thriving knows no boundaries

Standard of Utmost Honesty
We are unwavering in our commitment to be entirely honest about our capabilities, ensuring transparency in what we can or cannot do, without exception.

Standard of Reliable Promise Delivery
Our pledge is to consistently strive for a 95% success rate in fulfilling our promises, prioritizing reliability, and exceeding expectations.

Standard of Holistic Investment
We dedicate ourselves to reinvesting 30% of our resources in the development of talent and the promotion of mental health, recognizing the value of nurturing our team and their well-being.

I’m Kau Jan Yeow, people call me Yeow. I co-founded SpineCare Engineering in the year 2019. Why do we start SpineCare Engineering?

It is related to my profession and my personal experience.

UM Biomedical Engineering (Prosthetics & Orthotics)

1. University time

I was enrolled at University of Malaya in Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering (Prosthetics & Orthotics) as the first batch of undergraduates in Sept 2009.

Our Head of Department Professor Noor Azuan told us about his primary intention in organizing the program on the first day:

“Many disabled people depend on artificial limbs and supportive devices but unfortunately the service providers in the market are mostly dominated by foreign technicians”

“Foreign technicians are good in their hand skill and have an abundance of experience, but they usually do not look at the patient biomechanical and holistically.” 

“There are many particulars in an artificial limb and supportive devices fitting that are often overlooked by the technician, which has caused tremendous suffering to the disabled people.”

“As a result, the disabled people are lost and haggard, and give up on their mobility and choose wheelchair or supportive braces & shoes instead.”

In order to serve the disabled population better, the professor combined Biomedical Science and Mechanical Engineering together and formed Biomedical Engineering in Prosthetics & Orthotics.

The organs, cells, and blood vessels are biomedical, whereas the skeletons, bones, joints, and muscles are mechanical.

Prof Noor Azuan wanted us to treat disabled people as specialist doctors, at the same time to be equipped with good technical skills to manufacture external devices to return the disabled people back to their normal life as soon as possible.

Every word from Prof Noor Azuan was stimulating my passion and I was determined to be a good Prosthetist & Orthotist in the future.

I accumulated technical skills and knowledge for real in the coming 4 years of study, and also completed an internship in both the National University of Taiwan and the University of Malaya Medical Centre.

I was graduated as a top student in the year 2013 with a CGPA of 3.61.

UM Ijazah Sarjana Muda Kejuruteraan Bioperubatan (Prostetik dan Ortotik)
Ossur Academy

2. After graduation

I worked in a long-established company called Endolite Asia Sdn Bhd after my graduation.

This is where I learned more about the restoring the physical ability of a disabled person.

I had to be extra careful in setting up the artificial limbs and supportive devices to avoid the chance of falling of the patient at all costs.

Back in the day, I had to use a laser level to align a prosthesis to achieve perfect balance before fitting it to the user.

However, I have slowly acquired the ability to use my eyes to align the prosthesis, both statically and dynamically.

In the year 2015, I was offered a chance to undergo intensive training about lower limb biomechanics at the Ossur Academy in Shanghai, China.

If you know about the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake and one of the survivors called Kate, a double amputee.

Her husband Charles was one of my instructors. Another instructor was Jan Kristensen, he is the disciple of the Ossur Kristinsson, the founder of Ossur.

With all the training and experience, my eyesight eventually got more precise and better at aligning the prosthesis that I make for disabled people.

3.) Special Event

A special occasion happened not long after that and it changed my perception of rehabilitation.

There was a young man in his teens who came to me with all four limbs amputated due to sepsis.

The parents wanted the best artificial limbs for him and the price was about RM250,000.00 per unit.

The parents decided to get their son the best artificial limb after brief consideration.

However, on the day of fitting the artificial limbs, he couldn’t stand with the artificial limbs because he was too weak after months of sitting in the wheelchair.

This incident inspired me that the external devices are not enough to return a disabled person back to his/her pre-morbid condition.

The remaining muscles play a crucial role in rehabilitation too.

Therefore, I started my exploration of exercise therapy with the intention to study the best way to train weak muscles effectively so that disabled people can use external devices properly.

REV Sport Science
National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM)

4. Exercise Therapy Journey

I was recruited by my senior in Reserve Officer Training Unit (ROTU), Ronald Sim, into a boutique training center call REV in Publika, Kuala Lumpur. His has a philosophy of training the core muscles in order to redirect stresses on the joints that cause pain to core muscles.

This is very different from an ordinary gym that only focuses on superficial muscle aesthetics and protein drinks.

I realized that this is the future of exercise therapy, and that was when I first joined a non-engineering establishment, to be a rehab trainer.

Not long later, I got myself certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) USA in the year 2018.

One day, a 50+ years old white-collar lady came to me with severe and chronic neck and low back pain after hearing about my unique background from her friend, who was also a client of mine.

She said that she was medically diagnosed to have slipped disc on her neck spine and low back spine.

She needs surgical intervention to spare her from living in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

She has tried multiple alternatives such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc but did not work.

After a careful biomechanics assessment and analysis, I realized that her spine deterioration was mainly due to her poor posture such as wearing high heels every day, sit cross-legged all the time, lost of natural spinal curvatures, and looking down for long hours.

I suggested she undergoes 3 weeks of exercise therapy to first reduce the spine aches.

She wanted to give it a shot and as a result, her pain was under control after three weeks.

She continued to do 3 times exercise therapy a week to get even better management of her condition.

She was happy that she no longer have surgical intervention as her only choice of recovery.

The exercise therapy that I provide to her is not just about exercising but combined with precise Human Biomechanics realignment.

Till today, she is still exercising with me and she feels like her physical age is 30++ years old only.

1 (2) (1).jpg__PID:dcf40b87-478f-489a-a1ee-0d2bba486cbc
松颈枕 Neck Pain Pillow

5. Founding SpineCare Engineering

My experience with this lady made me realized that my skills and knowledge can be applied to a bigger crowd and not just limited to disabled people.

An able-bodied person can have a certain level of physical limitation such as flat feet and it can be easily managed with exercise therapy.

Looking back at the teenage boy who fitted all 4 artificial limbs, if only I know how to train his muscles back then, he would have happily stood up in his new pair of artificial limbs.

One day, the lady asked me about how to improve her sleep at night.

As I was scrolling the online marketplace, I auto-matched the pillow to our neck spine curvature in my mind, like a simulation.

I filtered bunch of pillow choices and picked the Neck Pain Pillow.

I even found out that there are about 70% of people in the 15-64 years old age range suffer from chronic neck and low back pain.

They do not know where to get the right treatment and often made the wrong choice, and still in pain till today. 

Therefore, I co-founded SpineCare Engineering combining Biomechnics and Exercise Therapy in one so that people get to align their foot, ankle and the spine non-invasively.

My Value, Your Health

Integrating 12 years of experience in Prosthetics & Orthotics and Exercise Therapy, SpineCare Engineering provides you a practical solution to realign your feet, ankle and spine because:

1. We are the expert in Human Biomechanics and all the methods and products we apply are human-alignment-friendly.

For instance, the Neck Pain Pillow might just be a pillow for a commoner, but it is a corrective and supportive device in my eyes.

An orthosis has to be precisely prescribed and used in order to have the best recovery for the painful joints.

We make sure the products and methods have been scientifically tested and verified before applying them.

SpineCare Engineer no more neck pain

2. You save money and time on trying to purchase the best suitable products and services from the vast market. Most of the time you will ask yourself these questions:

I. So many products out there in the market, and each has its own persuasion.
II. Is this effective? or is that more effective?
III. So expensive, what if it is not effective?
IV. I don’t know how to use it after purchasing
V. I don’t see the promised result after using it, did I use it wrongly?
VI. Should I spend again to try the other products?

Being troubled by the same problems repetitively can be frustrating, and also delaying the golden recovery time for your misalignment issue.

You can obviously see that the products and services that we are offering are very much different from the other sellers.

The reason is that we only sell products and services that work best, while other sellers sell what is the most profitable.

We do not only sell what works best for you, but we can also advise you to set up the best suitable working and sleeping environment.

3. We offer excellent after-sales service by making sure you understand and know how to use each and every product and service you purchased from us.

During my university and internship

Working and learning continuosly

Journey of Exercise Therapy

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My certification