Self-learned Body Pain Management Course

Self-learned Body Pain Management Course

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The course teaches you to be independent in managing chronic body aches effectively including neck, shoulder, low back, sciatica, knee, and ankle using a massage ball and massage foam roller. 

There are 3 important skills that you will learn:
1) relaxing tight muscles that cause body aches effectively
2) reposition the joint through stretches to free the compressed nerves
3) activate inactive core muscles so that the joint and nerve get protected by them

Body aches are due to fatigued muscles that have been overworked since some other core muscles were deactivated.

If these pain signals are ignored, the skeletal joint will lose its protection and the nerves will be under compression.

Chronic body aches can be managed through Exercise Therapy as long as they are not acute and severely damaged.

Note: Please prepare a yoga mat, massage ball and/or massage foam roller.