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CoccxyBelt - is designed to support your lumbar/waist, to help you sit straight for long hours easily without any lower back pain/sciatica pain/tailbone pain.

Whenever you are sitting and you have back pain immediately or you have broken your tailbone, then you need CoccxyBelt to support your low back spine by helping you to sit straight and to offload your broken tailbone so that it has time to heal by itself.

【Who need it】
1) Low back pain while sitting for long hours
2) Sciatica pain
3) Tailbone pain
4) Pregnant women who have low back pain

【Why you need it】
The deep pelvic floor muscles and the low back spine muscles are the muscles you need to engage to keep a straight pelvis and lower back spine. However, these two muscles cannot be engaged for hours continuously to keep us sitting straight because it is just small muscle. Hence, you tend to slouch after a while due to muscle fatigue.

When you feel you are tired of sitting straight and feel uncomfortable or pain in your lower back, this is when you need to put on CoccxyBelt to help you sit straight comfortably and let your muscles have time to relieve.

It protects your lower back spine from stress, deformation, and nerve compression.

The back pad and knee pad are made of high-quality foam, which is soft and durable. The strap is 5cm wide and made of elastic nylon knit and attached with PVC clip and buckle.

【How to use it】
1) Sit on a chair and open the pouch
2) Put the back pad on your lower back
3) Put on the knee pad on your knee
4) Tightened the strap and put on the buckle
5) Just unlock the buckle, remove the knee pad, and leave the posture belt on the chair if you want to stand up or leave

Pouch size: 23*20*6cm
Open size: 20*48cm (back pad)


If there are any quality problems, we promise to provide you with zero-profit product replacement within 1 year from the date of purchase.

Fast Shipping, Courier within 24 hours on weekdays 48 hours on weekends 😊