3D Body Alignment Assessment
三维身体姿态评估与分析 - SpineCare Engineer
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 3D Body Alignment Assessment
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 三维身体姿态评估与分析 - SpineCare Engineer

3D Body Alignment Assessment

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Seeing through the postural root cause of your body chronic pain using 3D technology.

The human body has a neutral alignment just like the 4 wheels of a vehicle. The car will not be able to go far smoothly if just one of the tires is out of alignment. The car might even break down in the long run.

The same theory applies to our body when sitting, standing, walking, etc. Some people get joint ache from sitting too long or exercising, but some people never have such issues.

Most joint pain comes from overworked and fatigued muscles. Muscles are constantly working hard to take away stress from the skeletal joints like the spine.

Why did the muscles do that? That is actually the muscle’s responsibility to prevent permanent injury to the skeletal joints and nerves.

Send us the images of your sitting, standing, and walking posture for us to assess and analyze. We will then produce a Biomechanics Report to inform you of the root cause of your chronic body aches and a solution proposal.

The Biomechanics Report tells you about 3 things:

1. the root cause of chronic body joint pain
2. explaining the side effects of those chronic joint pain
3. a solution to adjust your sitting, standing, and walking alignment.